"f@*%ing secret societies, you just don't know what they do"


A little something I wrote and performed at my senior recital in March. 


                               Greg Riss and Jonathan Fagan


Lots has changed since high school. Lots. There was a time when I didn’t know you very well and thought I was hot shit for rising in the ranks of a high school drama club, and so I was probably pretty snooty. But since then (although we rarely talk here or on FB) I’ve got to know your wit and your unwavering social consciousness, which have propelled you to some pretty amazing things in real life (in addition to calling out the oppressive stuff here). I’m glad that the assortment of high school folks here includes the people it does, because you are the ones I was most looking forward to following after I graduated.

More Numbers

53. I’ve got a lot of respect for the art you make, first of all. I also admire your tireless service to the department and your tolerance of doofuses like me in the studio. It’s weird that we lived in the same building last year and didn’t interact. For a while I think I was suspicious of how hip you were but that’s obviously dumb and now of course it’s nice seeing you around and I’m glad we’re at the smiling-as-we-pass level of friendship, at least. On a bloggy note, I’m a fan of pretty much everything you post, and you don’t shy away from personal stuff, which is neat.

14~~~~. You were one of the first people who I knew on tumblr before speaking with in real life. Unfortunately, as I have previously noted, it’s a little hard for me to be very outgoing sometimes, so that speaking has consisted (I think entirely) of a couple sentences in either the cafe or the commons. Apart from that I know you entirely through a mutual friend. The limits of our interaction aside, from what I’ve gathered you have excellent taste and you’re very sharp. You’re one of the people I wish I had time to get to know better while here.

twelve. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it sucks that you left before I had the chance to get to know you here. We have a lot in common — scifi shows & books, etc. but I think we just kinda missed each other. You’ve got another great sense of style (I’m beginning to think that the average person I know is just very stylin’) and you were one of the more genuinely positive people I met here. You were also extremely impressive/slightly intimidatingly knowledgable in the HP class we had, and it was nice when we finally were able to have friendly chats a couple of years later.

(Sorry if some of these are vague — it’s hard to remember a lot of things, especially when many interactions have been internet-based)

Wisconsin Mutual (numbers, round 1)

3. You’re kick-ass, wonderfully generous and thoughtful, and wickedly hilarious. You’re best friends with at least one of my best friends; why don’t all of us hang out more often? (Gotta be honest, I religiously follow your personal tumblr posts as a poor substitute. I’m one shy dude sometimes). Also, I immensely admire your poise and strength in the face of truly awful experiences — especially everything you’ve done to create and maintain multiple safe spaces for those who share them.

EIGHT. You’re also an inspiration. You’re relentlessly honest with yourself and with others, even when the climate for that can be discouraging sometimes. You’re warm and enthusiastic and bright and you make me smile. You get so much out of what you do and you give so, so much of yourself back. But beyond that (and I think it’s easy to overlook because what you give is a lot less visible than most of the artists we know), you’re brilliant. I can’t wait to see where you go.